Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A concoction of events...what a day!

So after much consideration I finally decided to start blogging! Sometimes there's just too many silly incidents that happen to me that I might as well share by blogging. Now this is my first time blogging...ever! So don't judge lol.

So yesterday Monday...I seriously started on the wrong foot. Let me just say that I usually have Mondays off, but because my co-worker had an emergency I decided to cover her shift... mind you because I choose take public transportation to work it's about an hour and 45 commute. So my shift started at 11:00 am and I start seeing clients at 11:15am, I normally set up my alarm (phone) to go off about 3 hours before I have to work, so I have time to eat and travel without being in a rush. (Side note: I'm ALWAYS rushing because I'm so bad keeping track of time, so I'm always running to the train LOL). Ok, eyes on the crisis! So, the night before I didn't sleep well, but as long as I hear my alarm go off I get up. So guess who's phone decides to mysteriously die overnight??? YES, MINE! I looked at my phone and it was dead, I have no clock in my room so I looked outside my window and it was bright!!! I looked at my watch on my nightstand I jumped out of bed! It was 11:15am!!!! I was in deep...... so I knew I needed to call work and see if I had an 11:15 appointment, phone was surprisingly dead so I had to borrow Desi's (my roommate) phone. Wait! I don't know the number to the spa...crap! I had to rush to the computer and google it! Ay Dios Mio! Thankfully no appointment at 11:15 but I had a client at 12:30 so I had to rush. By this time it's 11:20. I have an hour and 10 minutes to shower, get dressed and drive all the way to the city (SF) to make my 12:30 appointment. Ok, now if you're familiar with the Bay Area you'll know that it takes about 45min to an hour to get there from SJ then find parking....Ay caramba. 

So I showered, got dressed, grabbed an apple and banana and jumped in my car. As I get on the freeway I noticed my gas in my car is low but I have enough to make it to the city. I drove like a bat out of hell to make this 12:30 appointment, and yes I'm NOT proud of it but last thing I want is for clients to be upset because I wasn't on time. So as I'm driving I'm messing with my phone, removing the battery, putting it on the charger, restarting it...NOTHING! It was dead! @_@ I finally threw it on the passenger seat and just focused on not being pulled over. I was so lucky that the two cops I saw on the road had already pulled someone else over and I wasn't the unlucky one. Half way there, I noticed my gas light finally turned on...Great I can usually go for another 20 miles or so once the light turns on. So I'm rushing and I think to myself I'll just get gas after work. I finally make it to the city, find parking and run to the spa. I made it at 12:20, YES! So I get in, I keep messing with my phone, by this time I was so pissed because I couldn't understand why my phone had given up on me! It's only a year old!! UGH but it's a blackberry and I do hear so many complain about Wackberry servers. Anyhow, I have two appointments, I figure I won't take a lunch and leave at 4:30 and go to the nearest verizon store so they can replace my phone. 4:10 comes around and I'm told I have a 4:15 appointment, now I'm not complaining... but I didn't take a lunch and I was getting cranky on top of my phone acting up! I wasn't in the best of moods. But it's business lol. That last client was so nice and sweet, but she kept twitching!!! I just wanted to laugh! I go through my day I was starving! Not looking forward to this Monday rush hour commute.

I finally left work, I get to my car and remembered I had to get gas! great! I keep playing with my phone, NADA! I leave the parking garage, and into bumper to bumper traffic! Now I never drive to work so I figure this is normal. I GPS the closest gas station, yay! only 4 blocks away! It literally takes me like 15 minutes to get there because of the traffic, horns going off, cars cutting in front of others....a mess! I get to the first gas station and its dark!? I figured it was just getting renovated like many of them do. Fine! I GPS a 2nd gas station, turns out it's a few blocks away. I get there, it's dark! WTH! Now if you've driving in SF there are so many one way streets that you have to make a big circle to get anywhere, and in bumper to bumper traffic...NOT FUN!  So I look around and noticed many of the buildings had no electricity and all these emergency fire truck sirens going off everywhere!!! What the heck is happening? Geez, so I GPS a 3rd gas station...I get there....it's dark!!! OMG...I'm literally on my last few drops of gasoline I was so nervous, last thing I want is to be stranded without gas!!! Now if you're one of my closer friends, you'll know that this "running out of gas" extravaganza happened to me back in Oct. lol.  I GPS a 4th gas station and it's 10 blocks away, lovely! I finally got out of that dark section of the city, and start driving on Market. Less traffic, a little calmer, but I need gasoline!!! I get to the 4th and what I think is the final stop of the Gas Station Monday Night Tour....guess what? It wasn't there anymore, a building was in its place UGH! I haven't updated My GPS since 2005...lovely. So, I take a deep breath and GPS a 5th gas station...I was annoyed! I drive to that gas station and Thankfully I made it AND it was open!!! I gas up, and leave, meanwhile it's about 6:45 pm and I'm starving!

I get on the freeway, I said forget verizon I'll just go tomorrow I just need to get home. I get on the freeway and decide just ONE MORE TIME to replace the battery on my phone and put it in the charger. Guess who decides to wake up after a long day of sleeping? MY EFFIN PHONE! YAY! I was excited to have a phone again! lol I call 511 for traffic conditions since I know 880 is usually packed just like 101 fwy. Traffic conditions inform me that 580 has 4 incidents and there's a bit of traffic, and clearly informs me that 880 is clear all the way home. As I think to myself "avoid 580, take 880, avoid 580, take 880" I'm driving on the freeway guess what? I missed the Bay Bridge-880 connection, lovely! Now I'm headed straight to 580. GREAT! I jump on 580 and I'm starting to see traffic. Last thing I need is to be stuck in traffic without food. UGH! KILL ME NOW lol...I decided to jump on 980 connection so I can get back on 880 and avoid the traffic on the 580. OMG, I made a huge circle on the freeways I was so irritated with myself, and cranky...wow!

I finally get home and just laugh at myself. When nothing else could go wrong... it did. They were just minor things, but wow! Now, I don't know if the blackout in the city affected BART (the train I take to work)... BUT to give me peace of mind, let's assume that it was meant for me to drive to work today because BART was going to be out of service that night due to a major blackout! haha wink! 


  1. This is going to be a great blog. Love it!

  2. Should have been tapped. lmao That was an adventure.

    1. lol, I had no choice but to laugh at myself Chris